Relocating to another country for work can be costly, but employers can ease that burden for both themselves and the expat with a relocation package.

An employee relocation package is a tool corporations provide to assist new and current employees when relocating to another area because the job demands it. Nonetheless, this type of service has become increasingly popular due to the large number of employees requesting to work remotely or in hybrid work modalities. 

For large and multinational companies, relocating employees across the globe also provides benefits, including lower taxes, more inexpensive labor, better capital access, a larger pool of talent, and more.


Different approaches and options exist when creating an employee relocation package. Therefore, what does an employee relocation package typically include?

At LARM, we pride ourselves on being professional, cost-effective, and comprehensive in our approach to corporate relocation support. Our presence and infrastructure allows us to offer on-the-ground support at every step of your relocation or international moving process.

Our team offers a wide range of relocation services to meet the company and expat’s needs and budget.

However, the most complete employee relocation package typically includes the following services: 

Area Orientation
We work together to familiarize the assignee with the area they will be moving into in the new country, including a Q&A session to review local customs, standard practices, housing overview, school overview, and more. It is an excellent opportunity for the expat and the family to visualize their upcoming life in the country before moving.

Home Finding
Our role is to assist the expat in identifying and acquiring suitable, comfortable housing to meet their needs and preferences within a pre-established budget set by the company. 
LARM’s local team will:

  • Arrange tours, including pick-up, transfer, and drop-off, to view the options matching the search criteria.
  • Negotiate the rent to offer the best possible price for the client.
  • Review and mediate leasing contracts, including obligations, payment details, local regulations, tenancy period, etc.
  • Conduct a pre-occupancy inspection to ensure everything is up to the company’s standards. 
  • Provide a complete move-in report with photographs of the property, documented inventory, etc.

School Finding
Sourcing the best school options for the assignee’s children should be a top priority. Our relocation experts will:

  • Provide a list of schools that fulfills the requested requirements.
  • Accompany expats when visiting new schools.
  • Help in the process of recognition of studies (if necessary)
  • Advise assignee of required forms, immunizations, and paperwork.
  • Assist with enrollment and coordinate admission tests (if necessary)

Settling In Assistance
According to the country’s requirements and the employee needs, LARM will assist in aspects such as:

  • Furniture and appliances
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Car purchase / Lease / Registration
  • Banking
  • Household Goods and Personal Effects

Relocating an employee is no easy task, but the advantages it presents for both parties (employer and employee) are well worth it. 

So, if you are looking for an
employee relocation package, we recommend including services such as area orientation, home/school finding, and settling-in assistance.

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