If you're planning on moving to a new city or country to start the next chapter of your life for professional or personal reasons, LARM is here to help you!

Services We Offer

Case Assessment

The process in which we gather information about the assignee and family. We evaluate their needs and requirements in order to recommend the necessary services.

  • Connect with a specialist who will guide you with your relocation
  • Make personalized assessment
  • Recommend programs based on your specific needs
  • Answer any questions you might have

Inmigration Services

Assist in applying and obtaining visa, residence and work permit according to individual’s condition.

  • Study the Immigration Case
  • Gather Necessary Documents
  • Review required documents & confirm suitability, advise on any changes/additions
  • Process Visa / Work Permit
  • Provide Status Reports
  • Obtain Local ID

Airport Pick-Up

Coordination and scheduling of Airport Pick-up and transfer to their destination.

  • Gather details needed for transportation such as: vehicle type, how many passengers and luggage, etc.
  • Coordinate and Schedule Pick Up at Local Airport
  • Meet & Greet at the Airport
  • Transfer to Destination

Orientation Services

Familiarization of the individual with the new area, and the facilities of the new city. This trip is highly recommended. It is a great opportunity for the individual to visualize their upcoming life in the new country.

  • Explain LARM’s Role
  • Overview of the Country
  • Overview of Areas of Interest
  • Housing Market Overview
  • Schooling Overview
  • Visit Sample Properties

Settling In Assistance

According with the country requirements and the individual needs, LARM will assist in aspects.

  • Assistance with Local Registration
  • Driver’s License
  • Connection of Utilities, Subscription Services, Furniture Rental, Insurance.
  • Assistance with Opening a Bank Account
  • Car Lease/ Registration

Cross Cultural Training

The program is designed to prepare individuals for the challenges in a foreign country and will help develop skills and strategies to deal effectively with the change and assist with functioning successfully in their new environment.

  • Introduction to the destination country
  • Assistance in managing the transition to the new culture; including values, attitudes, and behavior
  • Understanding ‘cultural shock’ and how to deal with it

Language Training

Assistance in sourcing and booking language training services.

  • Coordination of language intake test
  • Coordination of language lesson schedule
  • Presentation of costs for approval

Home Finding

Working proactively according to individual’s needs, we help identify and acquire suitable, comfortable housing within the rental budget confirmed by the individual.

  • Identify needs and preferences
  • Search the market for suitable options
  • Arrange tours and visits
  • Negotiate rent with the effort to offer the best possible price
  • Lease and contract review
  • Pre-Occupancy Inspection
  • Provide complete move-in report, with pictures of property, documented inventory outlining condition of property, etc.

School Finding Assistance

Provide Individual with a School Search Program designed to secure school placement/enrolment as soon as possible after arrival in country.

  • Provide school options according to requirements
  • Review school vacancies
  • Coordination of appointments and school exams to be taken
  • School Visits and Tours
  • Advise individual on required forms and immunizations
  • Assistance with enrollment

Tenancy Management

Supporting the individual in all aspects related to the lease, property, and relations with the owner.

  • Follow up on lease/ rent periods
  • Perform an annual audit on property maintenance
  • Coordination of repairs, maintenance, and cleaning
  • Assist and advise on hiring suppliers for tenancy-related matters
  • Payment of monthly services: rent, utilities, garden maintenance, and any other tenancy-related matters to the property

Property Management

Supporting the individual in all aspects related to managing a property.

  • Inspection of property prior to individual’s departure
  • Assistance in finding a suitable tenant, representing the owner’s best interests
  • Choosing and managing the realtors for the rental of the property
  • Collecting rent payments on behalf of the property owner
  • Providing vacant property report to the owner

Household Goods Coordination

Assistance in coordinating all aspects of your moving services from origin to destination.

  • Providing a free estimate quote
  • Sourcing partners in origin and destination
  • Tracking of moving services status
  • Coordinate delivery of the goods

Departure Services

Provide the individual with a simple and fluid transition during the departure process of the country.

  • Providing cancellation notice
  • Cancellation of services/utilities
  • Check property inventory
  • Closing bank accounts
  • Coordination of work and repairs
  • Handover of property
  • Recovery of security deposit

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