The Grand Cayman island is known for its pristine beaches and historic icons, but did you know:

1.  There are 3 main islands comprising the totality of the Cayman Islands – the Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. 

2. Only about 55,000 people live in the Grand Cayman.

3. It was in the Cayman Islands that scuba diving developed into the wonderful hobby in 1957. 

4. The Cayman Islands is actually a British Overseas Territory, and its head of state is His Majesty King Charles III.

5. Every year from November 12-22, the Cayman Islands holds a festive Pirate’s Week! There are plenty of exciting and fun events, such as a mock ‘invasion’ by sea pirates. Join in the fun and experience an unforgettable event!

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