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Although it is a landlocked country, it has green, beautiful unique landscapes, especially water resources.

Paraguay is also very culturally rich, from having a lot of historical spots to being a bilingual country since it has two official languages, Spanish and Guarani.
Paraguay is known as the heart of America therefore while being a very attractive destiny to explore and improve your businesses, Paraguay is also highly committed to the environment, implementing for example renewable energy in the 99.9% of the country. 

Main Cities:

Encarnación, Ciudad del Este and Pedro Juan Caballero

Official Name:



406,752 Km2

Major Industries:

Agriculture, manufacturing and energy industry




7.133.000 inhabitants


Tropical to subtropical. Average temperature: 25°C to 38°C during summer and 10°C to 20°C during winter.

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Discover Paraguay

Paraguay has a lot to offer, from amazing landscapes with two of the major rivers, the Rio Parana and the Rio Paraguay to a very developed society helping the business camp. A few of the most iconic landmarks and tourist spots include: Saltos del Monday, Itá Letra, Itaipú Dam, Ybycuí National Park, Manzana de la Rivera, Areguá, San Cosme y Damián and Pantanal wetlands.