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Haiti is located on the border between the Caribbean and the North American continental plate.

Nearly all of Haiti's population are of African origin (termed blacks). A small minority of people of mixed European and African descent (called mulattoes) constitute a wealthier elite and account for most of the remainder. There is also a small number of people of European descent. The country is known for its rich history, cultural extent, and the amazing scenery that the country is home to. The country is filled with golden beaches, mountains, and clear waters. However, all is not good with the country as it ranks among the poorest countries in the world.

Main Cities:

Port-au-Prince Ouest, Gonaïves Artibonite, Cap-Haïtien Nord, Port-de-Paix Nord-Ouest

Official Name:

The Republic of Haiti


10,714 mi²

Major Industries:

Beverages, butter, cement, detergent, edible oils, flour, refined sugar, soap, and textiles




Approx. 11.4 million


Hot and humid tropical climate.

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Discover Haiti

Haiti has a lot to offer, from flavorful dishes to breathtaking views. A few of the most iconic landmarks and tourist spots include: La Citadelle la Ferriere, Jacmel Bay, Sans-souci Palace, Furcy Forest, Port-au-Prince.