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Guatemala is a very beautiful country with spectacular landscapes especially volcanoes since they have more than 30 active volcanoes including one of the most active one in the world called Fuego Volcano.

It’s also known for the number of spots, objects, traditions and historical places of the Mayan civilization. The median age is 21, making Guatemala one of the countries with the youngest populations in Central America.

Main Cities:

Guatemala City and Antigua Guatemala

Official Name:

Republic of Guatemala


108,889 sq km

Major Industries:

Agriculture, textiles


Guatemala City




Tropical; hot, humid in lowlands and cooler in highlands. It has two seasons: summer (dry season) and winter (rainy season).

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Discover Guatemala

Guatemala has a lot to offer, from great traditions, colonial spots and ruins and volcanic landscapes and numerous ecosystems to being one of the best commercial and banking centers. A few of the most iconic landmarks and tourist spots include: Mayan Ruins of Tikal, Lake Atitlán, Quetzaltenango, Chichicastenango Market, Pacaya Volcano, Lanquín Caves and Museo Popol Vuh