We wanted to provide some information about the Water Emergency happening in Uruguay.

Please be informed that the Uruguayan government has declared a National emergency in view of the most devastating drought in Uruguayan history causing water supply shortage and no forecast for rains in the near future that could remedy the situation.

Although no service cuts have yet been taken, Uruguay today only has 4.9% of its total water supply available for Montevideo and surrounding areas (where most of our expats are living) and, in agreement with the Ministry of Public Health, has allowed the water company to surpass allowed levels of salt and chlorine to the available supply in order to avoid infectious diseases which obviously can affect people who suffer hypertension and other prevailing health issues.

The government has taken actions to build a new infrastructure that could bring water from the North of Uruguay, but it will take 30 days to have it ready. 

They have informed they’ll be issuing daily reports shortly (as was done during the covid pandemic) to alert the population of the daily status.

LARM Uruguay has already alerted it’s active cases of the situation as well as provided government recommendations to reduce water consumption.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our LARM Uruguay office: [email protected]

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