From the moment you are told that you must move from country, many questions come to your mind, as this important decision that you must make, impacts all your family, and you must think about each of the factors that imply this transfer, among those, you must evaluate the pros and cons of your new place of stay; For this reason, LARM Group has specialized in the relocation process, as we seek to provide advice to families who must carry out a national and international transfer. For this process, LARM offers you a list of aspects that you must take into account when choosing your new home:

  • Culture of the destination, cultural profile, customs, climate.
  • Costs and characteristics of the home.
  • Costs and characteristics of education.
  • General cost of living.
  • Differences and similarities between their place of origin and their place of destination.
  • Most favorable dates of the year to move, for example when classes start (for those who have children).
  • Moving times of your move vs. delivery of the property.
  • Processing time of your visa and your card to open accounts.
  • Medical services available.
  • Sport, entertainment and culture offered by the destination location.
  • Transportation services available in the city.

Each of the items mentioned above must be evaluated, and if possible, determine which can be sacrificed and which can not. We know that this can be a difficult decision to make, whether due to fear, inexperience or indecision. However, at LARM, we have a highly qualified team that will always be ready to help you when choosing your new home; giving you the best tips and experiences so that everything is as smooth as possible for you.

LARM will always provide you the easiest and most reliable way to carry out this process, adapting all your responsibilities to your new lifestyle and allowing it to continue its course to the vision that you have proposed in the short, medium and long term. Our relocation service will not only give your family and your work life a new home, but also bring peace and comfort you deserve for the effort you have put into your professional performance.

Written by Ana Maria Garcia
Senior Account Executive, LARM Colombia