Primeiramente muito obrigado por todo o trabalho e paciência.. e mais, pelo carinho! Chegar em um País que não conhecemos e ser tão bem assistido facilita todo o processo de mudança, incentiva e acolhe! Agradeço por todos os tramites, por toda a assessoria e por toda a disposição. Minhas expectativas foram alcançadas e superadas. No demais, deixo meu abraço Brasileiro!  

My sincere appreciation, gratitude and thanks to you both for all the help in getting me settled with my family in Guadalajara.   Belem, I want to say we enjoyed working with Griselda!!! She was fantastic to work with & new what we wanted in a very short time. I can’t thank Griselda enough for all of her hard work & her professionalism. Please Give Griselda 2 Employee of the Month votes from me & my wife, or better yet Just give her the Employee of the month award!!!


All I can say is thank you, both you Belem remotely, and Guillermo on the ground, did a great job. Special thanks to Guillermo, who did a great job understanding what my needs were, and finally helped me finding the right for me.   I really appreciate all your support!!


Hope you are well. Thank you very much for all the support throughout all the process to settle in in Mexico City. It was great having you and Xochitl assisting me and I’m very happy with the level of the service

It was nice meeting you. We enjoyed our trip in Queretaro. You have a beautiful city. Please say thank you to Maritere she made our trip really easy and nice. It was a real pleasure to meet  both of you. With the house Maritere found for us and the school in San Juan everything is less stressful for me! I hope to see you again!

Te agradezco muchísimo. Aprovechando, agradezco a todos ustedes, Carlos incluso, pero me gustaría de te dar un agradecimiento especial a Renate que fue siempre muy amable y paciente conmigo. Y les pido también que pasen un mensaje de agradecimiento a Irma que fue una persona igualmente fantástica en este proceso.