Home Finding Assistance

Immigration Services

  • Gather Necessary Documents
  • Communicate the requirements to the expatriate
  • Process Visa
  • Process Work Permit

Education Assistance

  • Search for a school which fulfills requested requirements
  • Accompanied visit and coordination of exams
  • Advice expat of required forms and paperwork
  • Negotiate admission as much as possible

Look-See / Preview Trip

  • Preparation prior to arrival
  • Welcome / Transfer
  • Tour the area
  • Schooling Overview
  • Housing Overview

National and International Removals

  • Transport coordination of removals
  • Certified removals in quality
  • Planning the removals from the origin to the destination

Settling-in Assistance

  • Insurance
  • Car purchase / Lease / Registration
  • Banking
  • Installation of services in the home: Internet, TV, telephone

Departure Services

  • Cancelation of services and visas/li>
  • Closing bank accounts
  • Check of the property inventory
  • Coordination of work and repairs and the return of the property guarantee deposit

Cross Cultural Training

  • Introduction to the destination country
  • Managing the transition to the new culture
  • First steps in the new country
  • How to socialize: introduction to expatriate communities

Relocation of Groups of People

  • Specialists in moving entire divisions of people
  • Strategic planning of the movement
  • We are the elongated embrace of human resources