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El Salvador's Easter Traditional Dishes

El Salvador celebrates Holy Week every year between the months of March and April. It is  a country with most of the population with Catholic roots, therefore it is an important part of the year, which also represents a pause for business, schools and in general creating a time for religion and tourism. 

El Salvador is well known for a variety of popular dishes that you can find throughout the whole year, such as: Pupusas, Tamales and more. But during this time of the year, special dishes are whipped up, and they will surely give you a strong desire to visit El Salvador and have the chance to try them out:




An amazing dish made with covered bread, Panela sugar, rasins and cinnamon. It is available almost everywhere during Holy Week and it is a dish that you will find only during that time of the year. Have a coupole of slices and you will not want to stop.


Honey Jocotes:

Being a tropical country, Jocotes are a fruit that is also available during this time of the year, they are set to boil for 45 minutes, adding Panela sugar, cinnamon and vanilla, served both cold or hot. It is quite the sweet treat!



Prepared and served in a variety of ways, mangoes are often seen, and Salvadoran creativity arises when it comes to food. You will find them served with honey, decorated as flowers or simply in a bag with salt, lemon and hot sauce. Remember, El Salvador is a tropical country and fruits are part of their everyday diet.

Dry Fish:

Last but not least, dry fish is another important dish during Holy Week, perhaps the most traditional. It is often found in local markets, but the best dry fish is found at La Liberta dock. At the dock, it is prepared while listening to the sound of the waves and feeling the sun of the coast. If you want to truly experience Holy Week in El Salvador, do not skip on any of the dishes. 



You will love Salvadoran cuisine!!!


Written by Roberto Serrano 

LARM El Salvador Country Director


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