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CSR Activity - Un Techo Para Nuestro País
One of LARM Colombia's main objective is to provide a home for each of the families that they support in the relocation process to their country. This service goes much further than just looking for a house in a good location, a school according to the needs of the family, to know the city and its facilities; it is to help build a "HOME", the place where the family will grow, face new challenges, where building new stages of their life will take place and much more.
On Nov. 24th & 25th, 2017, all LARM Colombia employees with the support of TECHO Colombia, a youth led non-profit organization present in LATAM & the Caribbean seeking to overcome poverty in slums, decided to join to make a family's dream of having a home come true. They left their desks, computers and families for a couple of days, to invest their time and efforts in building a home for a family that had lost everything years back. Thanks to the effort of many people, today they have new hope of life.
It is a great initiative and way to give back to our LATAM community. See some pictures of below:
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