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5 Fun Facts about Jamaica

Check out these interesting facts about this amazing Island:



1. Spy Central, 007 style. Ian Fleming, the famous James Bond spy thriller writer, built his dream home in Jamaica and named it Goldeneye. There he wrote 10 of his movies. 


2. It's the perfect place for Ophidophobiacs (snake phobia). There are next to no snakes in Jamaica because in 1872 the mongoose was imported to Jamaica to get rid of rats in the cane fields. The mongoose has killed off almost all snakes in the island, so running into one is almost impossible. 


3. Cool Runnings & Olympic Champions. The United States is the only country to have won more Olympic medals than Jamaica, Jamica is runner up. Also, they were the first tropical country to enter a Winter Olympic event back in 1988. So yes, Cool Runnings happened. 


4. Innovative Outliers. Jamaica was the first country in the West to have a railway. They constructed theirs only 18 years after Britain. 


5. They love their golf. The Manchester Golf Club in Jamaica, is the oldest one in this hemisphere. It was established back in 1868.


In addition to the fun facts mentioned above, Jamaica is an amazing destination to visit. The island holds many waterfront treasures waiting to be discovered by travelers. Also, it still retains a strong African identity, and the colorful culture can be discovered by those seeking to experience the island.


Written by Maria Jose Caniz

LARM Centro Caribe Regional Manager

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