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Destination of the Month: Vargas, Venezuela

We are pretty sure that you have heard about Venezuela's beautiful beaches. The warm waters of the Caribbean have attracted more than one soul lucky enough to be able to travel around Venezuela's coast. Sadly, most of the popular beaches, such as Los Roques, Moroccoy and Margartita Island's are quite far from the main cities. It may take more than just a weekend to actually enjoy the whole trip and location. After all, spending hours and hours on the road may take half of your free time, and of course, half of the fun with it. 


The good news is that Venezuela's coast is very rich and generous. Vargas State, which is located right next to Caracas, has its own beautiful locations that combine grace and freshness of the Avila Mountain; along witht he warm freedom of the Caribbean. 



It does not take long to get deep into Osma area. In less than an hour, you may reach very unique exclusive lodging, for families with or without childen, who can enjoy the local unique landscapes, fishing and water sports. Vargas has hidden secretws to share with those who learn to love them. 


Written by Geraldine Siso

LARM Venezuela Relocation Consultant

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