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Uncertainty on New Immigration Resolution (6045) in Colombia


Since August 2nd, 2017, published date for the new resolution 6045, which includes new provisions on visasissuance for Colombia, companies and foreigners have lived the uncertainty of how to address the immigration processes. This new resolution, which will come into force on December 15th, 2017, contains most of the regulated in Decree 1067 of 2015, however, it will have some changes on visa names and some specific requirements.


The new Decree will change the 21 current visas and generate only 3 new categories, under which activities to be carried out by the foreigner in the country must be framed as follow: Visitor, Immigrant and Resident.


At first sight, it may seem like a big change in immigration regulation, however, it is considered for people working on immigration processes on a daily basis, as a superficial change and not a structural one. It is a new way to organize what is already established in the country, with some slight changes in the documentation required for the new visa categories.


The new resolution takes the same 21 visas that currently exist and regroup them under the new 3 categories.


The uncertainty that has been generated has been the outcome of rumors, on how the new rule will be handled, and not the official content of the new resolution.


Our invitation to companies that have foreign personnel and to those people who place Colombia as a destination to settle down, it is always important to seek the appropriate advice before proceeding to make any application on immigration issues.


At LARM Colombia, we have more than 12 years of experience advising our clients on immigration issues, providing excellent results that adapt to their specific needs.


We are ready to respond to any request that our current or potential clients may need with the entry into force of this new resolution, always proposing strategies that allow them to be aligned with the immigration regulations of the country, but also adjusted to the particular situation of each foreigner and their families.

Written by Andres Fadul

Immigration Manager LARM Colombia

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