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Starting November, 21st, 2017, a new Decree regulating the new immigration law # 13.445 of 2017 will be launched. This change has been expected for many years now and finally in a few days it will start in Brazil.

There is a lot of anxiety surrounding this change, mainly between the immigration specialists in Global Mobility business, but the new rules will only be confirmed after November, 21st when the Decree will start being valid in the country.

The new immigration law treats the foreigner as a human rights matter and not a national security subject as it used to be and it is aligned with Brazil Federal Constitution of 1988 as well with the Human Right Agreements signed by Brazil.

Some news that the new law is bringing:

  • New activities classified within the Visitor Visa (tourism, business, transit, artistic and sports activities);
  • Exclusion of the permanent visa category and replacement for a "residential visa;
  • Possibility to come to Brazil to look for a new job or to work without a job offer if you prove graduation education;
  • Possibility to change the visitor visa for a residential visa according to the legal requirements;
  • Family reunion without any limitation of age;
  • New Brazilian identification document - replacing the current RNE (Foreigner National Registration) to RNM (Immigrant Civil Identification and Registration).

The procedures involved in each change will only be known and detailed after the Decree starts. Some of the subjects may not be mentioned on this Decree and we will have to wait for future regulation. This will be only answered after November, 21st.

Also, some concerns that the immigration specialists have about the impact of the changes that the new Decree will bring, examples:

  • Government system adaptation of the new procedures;
  • Delays on the requests analyzing at the Government Departments;
  • How the requests filed before the new decree will be managed, approved, or adapted by the government departments;
  • If all the subjects changed will be regulated by the Decree accordingly or not;
  • If there will be any gaps of procedure or regulation that will impact the immigration requests.

We are excited about this new regulation but worried at the same time because it took so long for the Brazilian National Congress to approve an important law that we are anxious for them covering all the gaps and problems we used to have with the current one. More news to come, keep an eye out!


Written by Samar Jeradi

Operations Manager LARM Brazil

Bureau Veritas, ISO Certificate No. US011293
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