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Workspace as a Second Home - LARM Colombia's Halloween Initiative

Working at the office between 7 to 9 hours a day makes work our second home. Sharing a huge amount of time daily with our partners and co-workers makes them our second family. And as we do with our family, we have to have spaces to strengthen the relationships at work. 


And that is what we love to do at our office in Colombia. Last month, when it was time to celebrate Halloween, we decided to have a theme Circus Party. Great thing about this: Everyone contributed with something. Even the smallest thing made the difference. Time, effort, crafts, costumes, among others, gave our circus a special touch and made the whole team proud for being able to make our circus theme party from scratch!


So, what’s the special thing behind all this? That because of this initiative we noticed unknown abilities our team had, we made sure to make the best out of our amazing team, we found the equilibrium between our job responsibilities and the sharing space. And also, we, as LARM Colombia's staff, got the chance to share a little bit of our job space with our families as they were invited as well.


In conclusion, all of these activities aim towards team building that guarantees motivation, good communication among co-workers, team work, strengthening the sense of belonging to the company, and in the end, it all is reflected in our service quality and as a benefit for our customers, which LARM Colombia's reason to be.



Written by Ana Maria Garcia

Senior Account Executive, LARM Colombia

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