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Destination of the Month: Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

If you are thinking of a beautiful paradise with flowers, breathtaking landscapes, where you breathe fresh air and enjoy the purity of rivers, then you are visualizing Jarabacoa. This is a place where you do not need a massage in able to relax, you relax just by breathing in the fresh air, enjoying the landscape, soaking the pleasant climate and just by being present. Jarabacoa provides an indescribable sense of well-being and pleasure. 


This municipality, La Vega province is considered the ecological capital of Dominican Republic and the cradle of ecotourism. It is located in the montains of the Cordillera Central, and it is the ideal destination for a mountainous getaway.

According to tradition, its name comes from the Tainos language and means "place where water flows". Jarabacoa is also known as "The City of Eternal Spring", since its pleasant climate helps the flowers bloom and fruits to grow. 


Law 158-01 on Tourism Incentive defines Jarabacoa-Constanzaa as the tourist pole No.4. This classification is due to the fact that the municipality has exceptional conditions in the country for the development of mountain tourism and ecotourism. In this city, one can enjoy three rivers: Baiguate, Jimenoa and Yanque del Note. In these rivers, you can enjoy water sports and activities such as rafting, canyoing, rapelling and tubing. 


Recommended Places to Visit:

  • Pico Duarte
  • La Pelona
  • La Rusilla


Switching topics, gastronomy in this location is worth exploring. Great place to taste the traditional Dominican Dishes such as: Mofongo, which is made with green banana, pork chicharron, garlic and cheddar cheese. Grilled pork ribs and Sancocho made diiferent meats.

LARM Dominican Republic invites you to explore and visit Jarabacoa and enjoy the great tourism opportunities.


Written by Tahina Reinoso


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