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Largest Migration in Colombia's History
Colombia's neighboring country Venezuela has been going through a hard situation politically and economically. Due to this, in last month's article: Venezuelan Exodus to Colombia or Colombians Returning?, We mentioned that a large number of Venezuelans have migrated to Colombia, looking for refuge and a better future for them and their families.
A report made by immigration office shows that approximately 40,000 Venezuelans reside in Colombia legally, while an estimated 60,000 illegally.
Being aware that majority of Venezuelans were on an irregular condition from an immigration point of view,Colombia issued a special permanent permission (*PEP) for Venezuelans that entered into Colombia through a regular border control before the law was issued on July 27th 2017. This PEP will allow them to work in Colombia, have medical care and all additional benefits Colombians can receive.
We hope that the situation in Venezuela improves very soon.
*PEP stands for Permiso Especial de Permanencia.
Written by LARM Colombia
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