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Destination of the Month: La India, Dormida

It is famous for having the shape of a sleeping woman and it is a must for people visiting el Valle. You can see it from the town or hike the mountain, which can take about four hours to go up and down. From the top you can enjoy the beautiful view of the valley and the town formed after the volcano crater.

The legend says Luba (also called Flor del Aire) was the daughter of Urraca, chief of the Indian tribe fighting against the Conquistadors. She fell madly in love with one of the officers who subjected her people, while Yavari, one of her tribe fighters loved her. When she did not return his love, Yavari jumped from the mountain. Very sad for what had happened and not wanting to betray her tribe, Luba gave up her love, left home and crossed the mountains, where she finally died after crying for her fate.

The hills and valleys were so touched by the sad love story that they decided to form the shape of Luba to always remember her. 

Written by Elvira Villalaz, 

LARM Panama 

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