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Destination of the Month: Paraguay

Rolling hills of the sierras, natural reserves of dense subtropical forests, extensive palm tree savannas and an infinite number of rivers, streams and lagoons make up the varied Paraguayan landscape, the original territory of the extensive Guarani World. 


The natural environment presents great contrasts; the grasslands and marshes of Ñeembucú, the thorny dry-forests of Boquerón, the palm savannas of Presidente Hayes, the beautiful ridges of the hills of the Sierras of Yvyturuzú and the crystal clear water streams of Concepcion. Paraguay is a country to be discovered with the same passion as of the early explores that arrived to these lands of sun and forests. 



Green and dense forests, sheer and aggressive hills, impressive falls, lagoons, cascades, rivers, creeks, parks and natural reserves with rich flora and varied fauna, both with exotic species, make of Paraguay a singular tourist destination.


The landscape in the Western or Chaco region includes palm savannas, fresh and salt water lagoons and dense forests. In the backdrop, the local population and immigrants of German descent and twenty native ethnic groups, create a cross-cultural environment of great interest for tourists and academics that visit the country. 

The "Bajo Chaco" (Lower Chaco), a name given to the Southern part of the Paraguayan Chaco, is an area formed by the intersection of the Paraguay and Pilcomayo rivers. The main economic activity in this region is catlle ranching. The "Transchaco" road and its secondary roads cross this region through palm tree savannas and flooded wetlands. This region has a great variety of birds, mammals such as the largest rodent in the world, the capybaras and large reptiles such as the "Yacares" (South American alligators).


The "Chaco Seco" (Dry Chaco) also known as "Chaco Boreal" occupies a great part of the Paraguayan Chaco's surface and it is composed of semi-arid savannas with low forests. This area is rich in biological diversity, with animals that include the endangered "Tagua" peccaries, "Yaguarete" (the South American Jaguar) and the Puma also known as the the American Lion, as well as innumerable reptiles, birds and small mammals. 


Encarnación, "La Perla del Sur", is Paraguay's most attractive city. It is also known as the "Capital de Carnaval" and following the completion of the new costanera (riverside promenade) with its fabulous river beach, is sometimes referred to - rather ambitiously - as the new Rio de Janeiro. It has very quickly metamorphed into the place to be seen in Paraguay during the stifling summer months. 

Written by LARM Paraguay

Leticia Obando, Relocation Specialist


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