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Destination of the Month: Jamaica

This tropical island country is located in the Caribbean Sea; it is a Commonwealth real, with Queen Elizabeth II as its monarch. Jamaica is one of the largest islands in the Caribbean and even though it’s famous for beautiful white sand beaches, it's dominated by mountains. Nature and adventure enthusiasts are sure to love Jamaica for all it has to offer; Rainforests, caves, waterfalls and coral reefs are just some of the attractions that draw tourists to this magical place. It is also known to be home to Bob Marley, reggae music legend whom did a lot for his country. As well as home to one of the most famous sport's stars, Usain Bolt, the world's fastest man! 

 When you plan your visit, don't miss Montego Bay, 8 Rios and Negril.


Montego Bay is worth the trip because of the vibrant night life, the great shopping and a remarkable scuba diving experience in the Widomaker's Cave. It's also the place to go for a smooth ride in the Martha Brae River where problems drift away under the Jamaican Sun. Ever heard of the song "Don't Worry Be Happy?" Well, that is exactly the song you will be humming during this ride along this river!


Ocho Rios is a must in Jamaica for the luxury seeker. It is home to some of the most lavish spas and resorts in the Caribbean. It also offers fine dining and a promising night scene for guests to enjoy dancing and the traditional reggae music. Once in 8 Rios, be sure to visit the Dunn's River Falls and Park for an unforgettable time spent in one of Jamaica's national treasures.



Last but not least, Negril. This city used to be a fishing town, but now, it's one of the most popular places to visit in Jamaica. The 7 Mile Beach is a beautiful place to take in the sun and a swim in the warm Caribbean Sea. For those seeking more of an adventures and adrenaline filled activity, you can visit the Blue Hole Mineral Spring. This is a a cavernous opening completely made in Karst Limestone. This is a hidden gem that should definitely be explored. 

Truth be told, no matter what you choose to visit in this island, it surely will not disappoint. 

Written by Maria Jose Caniz,

QA Manager

LARM Centro Caribe

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