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Colombia: The South American Jewel

Outdone just by Canada, Colombia has been named as the second best country to visit in 2017 by the Lonely Planet "Best in Travel" annual list. 

Lonely Planet is one of the most important travel guides around the wolrd; with more than 200 writers who on a day to day basis make lists of places to visit and things to see, the guide has become a very important point of reference. 

The main aspects they exalted from Colombia were: multiculturalism, welcoming and warm culture, hospitality, rich flora and fauna, vibrant landscapes, colonial architechture, wide options of gastronomy, among others.

Besides those mentioned above, it is also very important to include other special traits about Colombia: its progress on safety and security issues. Today, in comparison to around 10 years ago, the security situation in the country has improved dramatically. Its willingness to reach peace is a huge step in the right direction, along with hard working people have become a strong foreign investor's attraction.

In conclusion, there are several reasons to visit Colombia, and based on what was previously mentioned, Colombia has been recognized as the second out of the ten most desirable places to visit in 2017, so it can most definitely be referred to as "The South American Jewel."

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Written by Ana Maria Garcia

Commercial Specialist, LARM Colombia 

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