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Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve in Nicaragua


The Mombacho Nature Reserve is located aroun 10 km from the city of Granada in Nicaragua. It is one of the 78 protected areas of Nicaragua and within is situated the Mombacho Volcano, one of the most famous volcanoes in all of Nicaragua. 

Mombacho Volcano is not an extinct volcano is considered dormant.The volcano has a height of 1400 meters above sea level and it is totally covered with vegetation and a rich ecosystem of 50 species of mammals, 174 species of birds, 30 of reptiles and 750 species of flora. 



This is an excellent outdoor activity for those seeking an unbelieveable adventure. The entrance of the Reserce is situated on the foot of the volcano. You can reach the top of the volcano by foot or with a special vehicle with double traction. THere are three different trails available:

El Cráter Trail (easy, about 1.5 hours)

El Tigrillo Trail (moderate, about 2.5 hours)

El Puma Trail (hard, about 4 hours)


When you arrive at the top of the volcano, you can admire the amazing views of Granada, Lake Nicaragua and Las Isletas. This is a perfect activity to escape the stress of everyday life. 


Written by  Lizzette Quezada

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