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Paraguayan Handcrafts


The popular art manifestations are result of the mixture of cultures and traditions. Outstanding craftsmanship are those in leather; “Ñandutí” and “Aó po-í” fabric (fine handmade embroideries in fabrics, originally done in cotton, that present natural motives with geometrical styles); handcraft in cow horn (the typical “Guampas” to drink “Mate” and “Tereré” infusions); silver work, especially the filigree from the City of Luque that recreates in the fine threads of gold and silver, the design of our traditional embroideries, combining them with coral and semiprecious stones, according to old traditional patterns of the colonial jewelry times. Pottery, especially from the cities of Itá, Tobatí and Areguá is another attractive handcraft from artisans who are renowned internationally.



The manufacture of musical instruments deserves especial mention: a tradition that began with the Jesuit missions, the Paraguayan “Luthiers” are experts in the production of guitars and harps made from the noble wood of this land.



Indigenous Art

The different indigenous communities produce beautiful works of art. They traditionally use natural fibers, native wood, multicolored seeds and other materials. Worthy of admiration is the art with colorful feathers, said to be the carrier of the magic of old ceremonies, with all their tradition and powerful symbolism.





Written by Leticia Obando, Relocation Specialist LARM Paraguay

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