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Destination of the Month: Dunn's River, Jamaica

Near Ocho Rios in Jamaica there’s a very famous tourist attraction that welcomes thousands of travelers every year. Dunn’s River Falls is an impressive waterfall park that’s famous because the waterfalls look like giant natural stairs. There are small lagoons dispersed among the steps of the waterfalls that make it especially appealing for a dive.


The falls empty into the Caribbean Sea into a white-sand beach that makes for quite a sight. Once one arrives the popular activity is to climb up the waterfalls which can take between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the breaks and photographs that one takes. A comfortable man-made improvement is the stairs beside the falls for visitors that do not want to get wet. 


The cascades are surrounded by lush greenery that provides shade and keeps tourists cool. This place is lovely to visit and a definite recommendation from LARM for nature lovers.


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