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Destination of the Month: Campeche, Mexico

Let us introduce you to this little city on the Gulf of Mexico named Campeche. It’s known for its preserved baroque colonial buildings, military architecture and walled historic district. This city still till this day processes and exports, regional agricultural products (notably cotton, rice, sugarcane, tropical fruits, and tobacco), but its economy is now based mainly on services (including tourism, and retail trade).


The beautiful churches from the 17th and 18th century, along with the two Mayan ruins are what attracts the tourist to this area. Its namesake capital is a colonial-era harbor city with cobblestone streets. The beaches are just as great and offer a breathtaking view for some relaxation. One of these is Praia, Ilha with white sand and esmeralda waters that are crystal clear. This beach has so many little trails of the beach that you can explore and hike. It truly is paradise.


Let’s now truly get into what makes the city so special. The food I will leave you here with what the locals call favorites. To start the Camarones al coco, El Pulpo, Pampano en salsa Verde. To elaborate a little the pompano en salsa Verde is a fish dish in a green sauce consisting of green chilies and tomatillos. The sweets are one and only Postre de Chicozapote. It’s made with fruit from the native chicle tree from which chewing gum originally was made; simply a wonderful fruit to taste.


The little city is truly magical and should be visited more and more by explores and tourist.

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