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Destination of the Month: Montañita, Ecuador

Montañita belongs to the Province of Santa Elena, is located 200 km from the city of Guayaquil, off the coast of the Pacific Ocean, the road of the Route of the Sun crosses its domains, takes its name for being in a cove surrounded by hills and vegetation at the foot of the sea.

It is known as the cradle of surfing for its good waves, which are used by surfers in the early hours of the morning, is a place of fashion among travelers from South America, for its wonderful party atmosphere and rich seafood.

The constructions in montañita maintain a rustic style of the coast, based on cane and straw like the houses of the fishermen, that gave rise to this atmosphere so popular among travelers who opt for this type of parties and to enjoy surfing, has been updated over time, but still retains its essence.

The mountain streets are full of bars and restaurants, which are adapted to visitors from all over the world, the best time to go is from March to November. There is a good combination between the lively beach atmosphere and the nightlife, although for some visitors if not what they are looking for it might be excessive.


Come and discover Montañita during your stay in Ecuador!


Written by LARM Ecuador

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