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Destination of the Month: Marble Caves, Chile

Located on the turquoise waters of General Carrera Lake on the very south of Chile, this national monument is one of the most beautiful places in the country; making them one of the most important tourist attractions of the Chilean Patagonia. On the shoreline of this glacier water lake is an extensive area composed of marble that has eroded by the action of the water forming caverns and formations of different shapes and colors, some of them seem like chapels, this is why they are called “Capillas de Marmol” in Spanish. 



To visit them, the most common way is to take a 30-minute boat trip from Puerto Tranquilo, a small town that lives from the tourism of the area. The best hour to go and take the perfect pictures is the morning, that way you will be able to see a spectacular show of different colors that appear in the walls of the caverns thanks to the sun reflection in the water, also the lake will be a very beautiful and intense blue. You will also be able to see other formations that will make your imagination wander, most popular are: elephant, tortoise and a dog.


Written by LARM Chile

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