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Local Holidays and Traditions in Dominican republic



Carnival is the most traditional and popular festival in the Dominican Republic. It has been celebrated since,  the inhabitants of Santo Domingo disguised themselves as an imitation of the European carnival.
The Vegan Carnival is one of the most important and famous carnivals in the Dominican Republic that attracts thousands of visitors to the city of La Vega. The Vegan carnival began in the year 1520, when residents dressed up as Muslims and Christians, but it was not until 1947 that a tradition was made in the town of La Vega.
This carnival is considered the best in the country and the Caribbean, it is celebrated every Sunday during the carnival season that runs from January to March, where groups disguised as devils called comparsas take to the streets with their colorful costumes to parade through the city.
On January 6, 1977, the Chamber of Deputies of the Dominican Republic recognized the vegan carnival as the Folklore Heritage of the Nation.
Thousands of tourists come to the city on Sundays to enjoy the activities and concerts offered by the different groups.
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