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DESTINATION OF THE MONTH La Paz Centro - Nicaragua



La Paz Centro is a Municipality in the León Department, which can be reached by the new Managua-León Highway and it is a must-see and mandatory stop for all travelers visiting these cities.


La Paz Centro is mainly Known for the quesillos ( a delicious Nicaraguan dish made with a hot tortilla wrapped with a type of mozzarella cheese, onion and fresh sour cream, which can be eaten from a plate or sometimes they sell them in a plastic bag). For this dish, La Paz Centro and Nagarote compete for who makes the best and people tend to make both stops and try it between these two cities.




La Paz Centro is also home of the Asososca Natural reserve, which is one of the few water reserves in Nicaragua that remains uncontaminated. its main patronal festival is held on September 10th in honor of San Nicolás de Tolentino. The species known Palma Paceña is very often used for the elaboration of roofs in the typical ranches and the palm leaves are in a high demand national wide. The mud from the area is used for crafts and the elaboration of bricks and tiles.




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