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DESTINATION OF THE MONTH: The Wine Waterfall - Venezuela

Venezuela, a country blessed by all the natural benefits that inhabit it and with the most beautiful landscapes, has a beautiful place, not as well-known and famous as the Auyantepuis of the Bolívar State, the Medanos de Coro, the Gran Sabana or Pico Bolívar in Mérida, but certainly full of beauty, color, flora and fauna, with a delicious mountain climate that has nothing to envy to the great natural tourist attractions of our country and with a wonderful energy that makes it a place worth visiting if you find yourself in this blessed land.


A waterfall of approximately 90 meters high, whose peculiar name is due to the extraordinary red color of the water of the river in which it culminates, whose color has the same tone as that of the well-known drink, which originates from the combination of the roots of the trees that surround it and the ferrous material that its waters give off, is a tourist destination located specifically within the Dinira National Park, in Lara State.



The journey to reach this wonderful place starts from Barquisimeto and takes approximately three (3) to four (4) hours until you see this waterfall. It can be reached by private transport, however, due to the road conditions it is recommended to use Rustics but if you do not have your own vehicle, it is not a problem, you can get to this relaxing place by public transportation without any inconvenience.


This place has green areas where you can pitch your tent and enjoy a refreshing bath as long as your adventure includes bathing with water as cold as it comes out of the refrigerator, it also has trails for those who like to enjoy a walk, picnic areas, parking and a cafeteria.



This waterfall is an ideal place if your passion is camping in cold climates and spending a relaxing time in contact with nature even if camping is not your thing, you can choose to stay in cozy inns located just 10 meters away from the Town of San Pedro and the next day take advantage and visit another important tourist attraction: the Cueva Las Pionias which is only a 15-minute walk away.



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