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Learn what's new with the immigration processes in Peru

On March 16, Peru Government decreed state of emergency and mandatory quarantine for a 15-day period due to Covid-19 pandemic. Until then, nobody could have anticipated that those initial 15 days would ended up being almost 4 months.


Among the uncertainty of closed borders, humanitarian flights have been carried out all over the globe and thousands of tourists stranded far away from their home countries have been brought home. Immigrations Office in Peru suspended all activities and announced the following measures:


-        Suspension of validity for all type of visas

-        Suspension of all penalties due to excess  permanence in the country for  both tourist and resident visas that expire during quarantine

-        Reprogramming of all appointments already given by Immigration authorities

-        Extension of travel permits for those residents stranded out of Peru

At that point, Peruvian Immigrations Office started working on the development and implementation of a new web platform that would allow carrying out all process abiding by social distancing and lock down measures.


On June 3rd , this platform was launched through Government resolution N° 131-2020-MIGRACIONES , stating the re-opening of Immigrations activities and allowing most of its processes to be performed virtually.   This platform allows to carry out the following procedures:


-        New visa processes

-        Visa extension processes

-        Issuing of Travel permits

-        Issuing of special permits for signing contracts

-        Registration and issuing of Peruvian ID

-        Data modification at Immigrations system

-        Visa cancellations


Additionally to the usual documentation required, Immigrations Office is currently requesting that all foreign citizens fill in a new questionnaire for updating their information registered at Immigrations system. Once information is updated, this new platform will show which processes can be carried out for each citizen. Consequently, each case must be thoroughly evaluated and everyone must fill out the new Form called "Actualización de Datos", before starting any Immigration process.


Furthermore, all visa validities were resumed and Immigrations decreed a 45-day period for all foreign citizens to regularize their migratory status.



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Written By LARM Peru

Katya Rodriguez

Bureau Veritas, ISO Certificate No. US011293
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