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Protocol for the safety delivery of services by LARM Group

Here at LARM Group, our priority is the safety and health of each and every one of our employees, Partners and Customers and anyone involved in the delivery of our services.


Given the current worldwide pandemic for COVID-19 that we are all facing right now, LARM Group has generated the following protocols in order to minimize the risk of infection during the delivery of any of our services, compliance of these protocols are mandatory not only for our staff but for all stakeholders involved.


Before delivering the Service, our assignees will receive a quick and simple evaluation (Daily symptoms verification questionnaire) to determine risk factors.




During the delivery of the services, the following is required:


  • Permanent use of Masks
  • Use of Gloves for contact with any surfaces, documents, etc.
  • Wash hands or use of hand sanitizer each time there is contact with any Surface or every 2 hours
  • Maintain social distances (at least 6 feet or 2 meters), including staggered use of elevators (1 or 2 people max depending on size)
  • No more than 2 people during visits, property handover or inspections
  • Avoid touch your face, eyes, nose
  • Follow local laws and regulations that may change at any time




  • Keep hand sanitizer or alcohol-based solution for disinfecting objects and surfaces
  • Vehicles are cleaned and disinfected before each ride
  • Avoid shaking hands, a smile goes along way to keeping everybody healthy
  • It is recommended to take your own snacks and beverages and avoid sharing with other
  • Always carry spare gloves and masks in case it is necessary



* If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to reach out to your local LARM contact; our experts are always happy to help.




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