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Learn about the latest developments in the Visa Process in Colombia


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the terms temporarily suspended for the visa process:


  • Foreigners with regular stay in our country, could do visa applications for the first time and also visa renewals at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  • Holders with a visitor visa cannot request changes of visa categories.  They could only request the same kind of visa they currently have.


  • The process of visa applications for foreigners outside the country is suspended.  The Colombian Consulates abroad and visa offices in Bogotá, will not accept visa applications, regardless of their class or activity.


  • The counting of the valid days of the visa for foreigners who are currently abroad and who have a valid visa until April 21st. is stopped.  The applicable visa categories for this measure are: 


  • Type (V) visitor visas to provide temporary services and by virtue of transfer of corporate personnel.


  • All migrant visas (M) regardless of their activity..


  • The count of time absent in the national territory is suspended, as a cause of early termination of migrant and resident visas.


  • Visas will not be printed and stamped on the passport issued with validity equal to or greater than three months.  Registration for foreigners may be issued in advanced with the current electronic visa (e-visa). 


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Ana Garcia

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