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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update

Dear Partner,


As we continue to monitor the evolving impact of COVID-19, we want to let you know that LARM is closely following local authorities and the World Health Organization guidelines to protect our employees as well as our clients. LARM has taken the necessary measures to continue operating business as usual and with no interruptions, while applying common sense and increased awareness of good practices to help local authorities deal with this pandemic.


  • LARM will be operating from home-offices, limited only by the restrictions imposed by the local government.
  • What this means is that our Service Delivery continues as normal, for the most part, if a High-risk country/region has not been visited by the assignee and family members during a 14-day period.
  • If a high-risk country has been visited, then a quarantine period of 14 days must be observed before receiving face to face assistance according to local laws and regulations.
  • As a precaution, LARM will encourage delivering virtual services whenever possible (including but not limited to assistance with settling- in services and any coordination LARM can perform virtually)
  • Some services will experience interruption due to local restrictions (such as Immigration Procedures in some locations) we will continue to inform those affected and work closely with you to provide a path forward or postpone these services as needed.
  • All active files will continue onwards and will be completed unless changes in local laws and regulations prevent us from doing so, in which case, all parties affected will be immediately notified.
  • Any special request moves will be assessed on a case by case basis, with a safety-first approach.


Our priority is the health and well-being of our employees and clients alike. Over the coming days, we’ll be providing more country-specific updates, this way you’ll receive the information directly from our teams on the ground as the situation evolves and anyone affected will be notified firsthand.


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For further information, please go to your local LARM Contact or e-mail




Victor Rivas

Managing Director



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