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Important documents when you move with pets, By LARM Colombia

Pets have a fundamental value in the lives of people because, depending on the stage of life of human beings, they play an important role in their development. When a human being takes care of a pet, it becomes affectionate, empathic and connected to the needs of an important but helpless being in its life, thus acquiring responsibilities and affections for this animal.

LARM understands that for many families, the fact of having a pet has a very important value in their lives, whether in the education of their children, in the accompaniment of older adults or in accompaniment of disabled people among many other values, thus giving them a unique value as equally important in the Relocation process of its customers and partners. That is why, for LARM, pets which are part of a Relocation process of collaborators and their families become active members of these, which require special attention and specific help at the time of migrating to another city. The highly qualified LARM team will make migrating with your pet a part of a calm, stable and efficient experience, taking care of the documentation and all necessary processes that you will require when traveling with your pet.

For this reason, LARM recommends the new LARM family to have, at all times, the following important documents that will be needed when traveling with your pet in your Relocation process:

  1. Original zoo sanitary certificate of the country of origin.
  2. Original certificate of vaccines.
  3. Authenticated copy of the main page of the owner's passport and last entry stamp of Colombia.
  4. Authenticated copy of your citizenship card.
  5. Original certificate from the veterinarian, the certificate must specify the health status of your pets and must be issued up to 3 days before the flight of the pets.

Do not worry ... The rest of the necessary documents will be provided by us!

For more information about tips, migratory documentation and Relocation processes, check our website and follow us on our social networks making part of our NEW LARM COMMUNITY, which will be ready to help you when you need it.


Written by LARM Colombia

Ana Garcia

Bureau Veritas, ISO Certificate No. US011293
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