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Destination of the month: Osa Peninsula - Costa Rica


The Osa Peninsula, located on the Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, is rich in fauna but as limited in population as in easy trails. This particularity makes it paradise for those lovers of nature and wildlife. This is one of the most important peninsulas in Costa Rica. Corcovado National park, located at this land, is the biggest protected area of the country and, according to National Geographic “the most intense area biologically in the world that offers breathtaking, untouched scenery, secluded beaches, and abundant wildlife encompassing lush primary rainforest, a complex system of freshwater and marine resources”.


Attractives you should visit in Osa:

·         Drake Bay on the Pacific Ocean, positioned along the western shorelines of the Osa Peninsula

·         Corcovado National Park


Activities you can do:

·         Hiking in the Jungle

·         Dolphin and whales seeing

·         Diving

·         Swimming with dolphins

·         Explore the forest

·         Bird watching


What will you need in Osa?

The insect repellent and boots are essential for a guided tour to the ranger stations.

Independent travelers can hire a bilingual guide through an agency with local initiative that employs qualified naturalists who will take you to any region (and the whole country).


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