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LARM Colombia's 'Culture is Important for LARM'

We live in a society full of customs and environments that differentiate us from each other. We allow patterns of behavior to define our way of relating with other people and define what we will become in a close or distant future, we allow this because each value taught by our family helps us identify what suits us and what does not, and is thanks to this teaching that our life is being built everyday.

We have different ways of seeing life, of facing difficulties and being happy, according to this, we allow ourselves to show other people what we are made of and what is in our hearts, for example: we can show the world that we are sensitive and sympathetic to the difficulties of life or to a painful situation from someone close to us, or on the contrary, we can show how tough we are by not putting ourselves in the shoes of others and demand our interests over the sorrows of society.

Fortunately, we have a hope, which is called diversity, this hope is painted in such a marked culturality in our society that little by little it will take us to understand each and every one around us, according to their beliefs and customs.

For LARM it is important that each person understands that we live in a world full of different cultures that make each one of us a valuable piece that fits perfectly into this great puzzle that we are as a society.
Every time that people do good deeds towards others, life seeks to empower them and reward them because they have managed to understand that it is not a matter of reaching a destination alone, but rather, of reaching it together and scaling towards a different level of understanding and respect.


LARM seeks to reach all those people from different races and lifestyles, so that together we can aim our country towards the celebration of the day and surpass each cultural and ethnic difference, thus allowing us to build a better future for next generations to come. Always count on your LARM ally!


Written by LARM Colombia

Ana Maria Garcia

Bureau Veritas, ISO Certificate No. US011293
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