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Destination of the month: Semuc Champey - Guatemala

Semuc Champey: Where the river hides under the stones


This Natural Monument is a limestone bridge that is located in the department of Alta Verapaz in Guatemala. It is 300 meters long and what makes it so special is that the Cahabón River passes beneath it. On the top of the bridge lies a sequence of emerald and turquoise shallow pools which are a popular attraction for tourists that come from all over the world to swim in it. The pool colors change depending on the weather and time of the year, but the first months of the year due to the lack of rain are the best times to visit. At the end of the pools you can observe how the river goes underneath the cavern which is quite the sight to be seen.


Among its many qualities, Semuc Champey is surrounded by the subtropical forest that houses a vast wildlife population which include over 100 species of birds, 34 mammals and 25 reptiles and amphibians.


Since it was declared in 1999 a Natural Monument by the president Alvaro Arzú, infrastructure for tourists that visit has been established. Also you can find several hotels and restaurants nearby. This is certainly a must-see for anyone who visits Guatemala.



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