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10 Interesting Facts about Uruguay

1. The name Uruguay comes from the Uruguay River which means 'river of the painted birds' in the Guarani language. The river starts in Brazil and ends in the Rio de la Plata Basin which forms the water border between Uruguay and Argentina. 


2. The highest point in Uruguay in Cerro Catedral at just 541 m (1,684ft) above sea level. 


3. Uruguay is the only country in Latin America which is entirely outside of the tropics. 


4. Uruguay is one of the least religious countries in Latin America, only 46% of the population is Catholic and 03% Jewish.


5. Uruguay has renamed many of its traditional Catholic holidays, for example Christmas, for example, is called Family Day and Holy Week is called Tourism Week.


6. Jose "Pepe" Mujica, President of Uruguay between 2010 and 2015, donates 90% of his income to charity, a habit that earned him the nickname "The world's poorest president."


7. Over half of the country's 3.44 million people live in the capital Montevideo (1.8 million people).


8. One of the famous  drinks in Uruguay is called Yerba Mate. 


9. Uruguay was the first country to win the first world cup in 1930. This is a very popular sport inthe country and it has produced severl world-renowned soccer players such as Diego Forlan, Luis Sanchez, and Edinson Cavani. 


10. Punta Ballena is an important tourist attraction with a location on the Rio De La Plata, it has 12km of a long strip of landforms and beaches, that extends on either side of Route 10, which is a national route in Uruguay.

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