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Belize's Independence Day

Before 1973, Belize was named British Honduras after being colonized by Britain.  On September 21st 1981, Belize created their own constitution and became independent from the United Kingdom making their country no longer a British colony.

Independence Day in Belize is a patriotic day where locals wave their flag to celebrate and dance to local music. They have Carnivals and cook a traditional Belizean Food feast.

Since this holiday is very important for the Belizean people, they tend to celebrate it all month long, most even call the month the September Celebration.

There are many events happening during the month of independence, especially in Belmopan capital city of Belize. However, every town and village across the country throw Parades that include marchers, and bands. Live music is played in concerts in different areas. Some are small concerts playing native music, others are big events that play famous Belizean bands. Also, to demonstrate the Belizean Cuisine, a two-day marketplace shows as an expo to buy local products and goods from Belize.

All September for the country of Belize is a month where they can show and demonstrate their incredible culture and pride of their independence. 


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