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Destination of the Month: Isla Iguana

Iguana Island or “Isla Iguana” is a beautiful wildlife refuge located in Los Santos Province.  It is a four-hour ride from Panama City to Pedasí and then a 20-minute boat-ride from Playa El Arenal.  It is considered one of the largest coral reefs in the Gulf of Panama.


Iguana Island is administered by ANAM (Autoridad Nacional del Ambiente), which is the entity responsible of taking care of the island and making any decisions that affect it.  Also it is up to all visitors to keep the island clean and take back any trash they bring in, so that the island can maintain its wonderful ecosystem.  Being very natural, the island does not have places to eat or sleep. Therefore, visitors usually only go for the day or stay camping in order to spend the night. 


When visiting Iguana Island you will see the diversity of fish, turtles, birds and many types of crabs.  Of course, there are many iguanas everywhere, reason why the island is named after them.  You can also see whales and dolphins depending on the time of the year.  Activities include snorkeling and scuba diving. Enjoying the white sands, crystal waters, and walking around the island are some of the relaxing things to do for the day.


Written by LARM Panama

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