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Destination of the Month: Georgetown, Cayman Islands

Georgetown is the largest city in Cayman Islands, founded in the tenth century. This town has a rich history as a Dutch colony and then it became a city that belonged to the French and English. Given Georgetown’s history, the city has a lot of culture and historic monuments that have been carefully preserved to this day. It is the perfect example of a Caribbean cruise ship port. It has white sandy beaches, many duty-free shops selling jewelry and liquors, and water activities such as snorkeling and diving


The most important historical building of the city is Fort Cornwallis. It was built at the beginning of the 19th century to protect the coast from pirates. For more than 200 years, the fort remains with its incredible appearance. Visitors and tourists can observe the most hidden parts of the building structure use to protect the city.


This town has a very large and beautiful green area in the center, along with many gardens all around and a beautiful beach at the side of the city. People can walk along the avenues and see 19th century buildings and a few steps further, the ocean.




Written by Daniela Andrade

LARM Centro Caribe Relo Specialist

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