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Gastronomic Diversity in Colombia

Celebrations are very important for every Colombian, there are those who prefer to do it in a simple way and there are those who prefer to do it a little more elaborated, but regardless of how each person or each culture chooses to do it, the most important thing is to make these spaces to have quality times between family and friends. Special dates or festivities have become the best excuse to make these spaces.


Let's start with the preparations; these are very important when thinking about a celebration, and without a doubt, the most indispensable and irreplaceable, is food, because no celebration would be the same without a strong typical food dish.


Colombia is a rich country as far as gastronomy is concerned, that is why LARM gives you the 5 best typical dishes of the country and so, you can approach and try some of the delicious flavors of our region, these are:


1. Ajiaco: This soup is found in the central zone of the country, in Bogotá and its surroundings. The main ingredients are chicken, Creole potato or yellow potato, corn cob and arracacha.


2. Mondongo: This dish is a very nutritious soup that is part of the menu of any Colombian restaurant.


3. The Paisa Tray: Originally from the coffee region and Antioquia, the main characteristic of a Paisa tray is abundance. A typical dish that is made up of many ingredients both in quantity and variety.


4. Tamal tolimense: Wrapped in banana leaf and corn, vegetables and meats; its preparation can take several hours.


5. Carne a la llanera or Mamona: Typical dish originated in the region of the eastern plains of Colombia. The meat is seasoned with garlic, onion and spices and then roasted in pits over low heat. It is usually served with potatoes, yucca and arepas.


And as an extra bonus: A drinkthat is not missing in the Colombian table at any time of the day is the Aguadepanela with cheese. This drink (product obtained from processing the sugar cane and then compact) can be drank hot or cold. When it is hot, the aguadepanela can be accompanied with cheese to improve the experience. Recommended if you visit cold or mild climate regions.


This information is important when visiting us or when living a relocation process in our country and thus, you will delight yourself with the best flavors of our region. If you want to have a sweet experience, we tell you that, from November 23rd – 25th, 2018, ChocoShow - Chocolate cocoa experience - will take place at the International Business and Exhibition Center of Bogotá - Corferias.


Written by LARM Colombia


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