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Open Doors towards Celebration in LARM Colombia

For many years we’ve been celebrating multiple dates that are important for us as a country, as a culture and as a family. As Colombians, we love being part of festivities that we consider the most important, since they create unity, friendship and happiness with people around us.

We are in a land full of multiple and varied flavors, and although we are one culture, we are subdivided by a very marked culture that represents every region of our country. Whichever place we are from, we will always be surrounded by joy and laughter, and any moment or event that emerges is a good excuse to celebrate.

Let's start with the insular region, this group of islands is one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the country since it has an exotic beauty in its landscapes and sea, then we find the Pacific region, which is characterized by its friendly and helpful townsfolk, they like to celebrate to the rhythm of the marimba and help each other, then there is the Atlantic region, faithful representatives of joy that spread their happiness among adults and children alike, as they are invited to celebrate life as a less complicated matter.

We continue with the regions located in the southern part of the country, over there is the region that loves and takes care of nature: The Amazon. This place is formed mostly by indigenous tribes who live in pursuit of environmental preservation, they celebrate the rhythm of the drums that accompany their daily rituals. Then we enter a very representative region within the traditional metropolis, the Andean region, here we find a very active agricultural industry, large cities and citizens that consume coffee during morning hours when arriving at their work places and their celebration is more independent. Last but not least, we come to the region whose sunsets are unique and its celebration is to the rhythm of the harp and the Joropo, this is the beautiful Orinoquia.

Ending this wonderful journey through each region of our beautiful Colombia, we conclude that we are a country that celebrates in multiple ways, some prefer to dance and others prefer the celebration in the privacy of their homes, that is why LARM becomes part of the most important celebrations which will be take place in the coming months, thus it has dedicated a space of fun and celebration for the little folks that are part of the company, with the aim of promoting unity in the family and a stronger loving relationship between parents and children.

For LARM it is essential to have its employees, encouraged and happy, so they increase their productivity within the company and offer our customers excellence and quality in each of the services that are offered. Always count with LARM as your ally!


Written by Ana Maria Garcia

LARM Colombia, Senior Account Executive

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