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When we are walking through a nature reserve, and observe our surroundings, we feel an indescribable peace and we want to be connected with nature, if possible, for the rest of our lives. In fact, this depends entirely on us, since we are guardians of what we have on planet earth and according to the level of care that we give our environment, we may or may not enjoy its benefits.


In order to contribute a bit to the environmental care of our planet, LARM has developed the ECOLARM program. This seeks to motivate each of your collaborators and clients so that every executed action you have towards the environment, is to be carried out with an active conscience regarding the good care that we must have with it; In addition, the program seeks to raise awareness of the fact that these good actions will not only have an impact on nature, but will also have an impact on your home, means of transport and even your workplace. For LARM, it is very important that its employees and clients take into account that not only will their actions take care of our environment, but also, their words will give the world what they say, if they give good words our world will be good, but if they do not give good Words, our world will not be better. That is why, by giving our environment a combo of good actions + good words, we will build a peaceful and healthy environment.


But, what are those good actions that will allow us to take care of our environment? ECOLARM will show you what are the correct actions you can take to contribute to this special task:

• Make a proper separation of solid waste: once these wastes are separated, make the appropriate delivery of the same to the recyclers, so that they contribute their part and the chain teamwork that corresponds to us as citizens, flows.

• Evaluate why we want to buy something that perhaps we do not need: you can wait a week and identify if you really had used it.

• Reuse what for us can be garbage: using it for a different function or for the function that was designed.

• Use the circular economy: this means that what you no longer use or do not use, you pass it on to someone who can use it accordingly, because with this small action we will be saving both environmental and financial resources.


LARM wants to make an ECO in your actions and in your words, so with ECOLARM you will find the best excuse so that each step you take along this learning in taking care of our environment, becomes the key piece that you will be placing assertively to contribute to the construction of a better world for future generations, and so, they learn that a better future is always built as a team. At LARM we care about our collaborators and the environment, and that is why we have created our ECOLARM program where we are all part of it, supporting the environment and our work environment.

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Written by Ana María Sosa 

Senior Quality Specialist, LARM Colombia

Bureau Veritas, ISO Certificate No. US011293
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