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Destination of the Month: Guatapé, Medellín Colombia

Located about 52 miles (83 km) east from Medellín is Guatapé, a colorful town constructed in lush hills.

Back in time, inhabitants of the region were located in different small towns nearby. Their economy was based in agriculture. However, due to the construction of a hydro-electric dam, the area was flooded forcing the locals to move their houses to a new spot, then constructing the beautiful town of Guatapé. Locals also showed their resilient spirit adapting to a new way of economy in which tourisms plays a key roll.

When walking around Guatapé you will be able to delight yourself contemplating colorful houses decorated with “zócalos” (skirting boards of stone) made with different designs telling the story of the town and traditions related to their culture. Local coffee and food make Guatapé also desirable place to visit.

Not far from it, only 4.2 miles (6.8 km) is the famous Piedra del Peñol, a giant rock of about 200m (656ft) high which can be climbed by the 740-step stone staircase, once you reach the top you will be welcomed with a breath-taking view of the labyrinth lake going though green hills making contrast with white clouds in the blue sky.


We invite you to include Guatapé and surroundings in your check list of must-go destinations. You will not regret it!


Written by Maria Elisa Maida,

Commercial Specialist, LARM Colombia

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