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Destination of the Month: Belize: A Tropical Paradise


Belize is a tropical paradise with amazing beaches and beautiful coral reefs that attracts expats and tourists from all over the world. With all it has to offer, it is the ideal place for an adventurous vacation. 


For scuba diving enthusiasts, Belize is the perfect destination. From pristine coral reefs to adventurous sinkholes, Belize really offers the entire package. Specially from March to June, when access to one of nature’s most amazing shows is given: Diving with the largest cartilaginous fish in the world: the whale shark.  The whale shark visits Gladen Spitt every year for 10 days after the full moon during these months to dine on caviar and the opportunity to swim with these gentle giants, attracts many divers.


As if the beaches and reefs are not enough, Belize is also the home to one of the world’s most amazing marine attraction: The Great Blue Hole is an enormous sinkhole that is 1000 feet in diameter and over 400 feet deep. It holds caves and cracks that are sure to impress the experience divers that dare to enter. Once 130 feet deep, the enormous stalactites take the stage because of their prehistoric chandelier like shape.

For less experienced divers, Half Moon Caye Wall is the best place to go. Many even consider it to be the best dive site in Belize. The diversity of wildlife, corals and tranquil turquoise waters ensure a great experience.


Still, if all of the above doesn’t have you packing your swimsuits and flip flops already, then the variety of resorts with beautiful beaches to soak in the sun and the delicious local cuisine in a laid-back setting will for sure get you to come caye hopping to Belize.



Written by Maria Jose Caniz

Regional Manager, LARM Centro Caribe

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