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Destination of the Month: Department of Amazonas & Province of Chachapoyas, Peru

The Province of Chachapoyas is located in the North of Peru which is often forgotten not only by tourist but also by Peruvians, however it happens to be one of the many amazing places Peru has to offer. Our LARM Peru Country Director, Ms. Yvonne de Martinez had the opportunity of recently visiting and sharing with us her experience and photos. 

She said: "I will mention three of the locations because we were surprised by the beautiful scenery, amazing structures and the adventure you will have on a trip like this"


Kuelap Citadel:

Cuelap or Kuelap is an important pre-Inca archeological site located in the northeastern Antes of Peru, in the province of Luya, and was built by the Chachapoyas people around the 8th and 11th century. It forms an architectural ensemble of large stones on the crest of a hill at around 3,000 mts over sea level. The platform has around 600 mts where many structures have been found and has a small wall that surrounds the complete perimeter of the citadel that at some points reaches 19 mts high. It is estimated that its occupation lasted until the mid-16th century. Its colossal walls and its complex interior architecture are evidence of its function as a well-organized population set, which includes venues such as administrative, religious and ceremonial spaces. To reach Kuelap you will need to go to the town of Tingo where you can take the  teleferico which will take you 4.5 km over the mountains and up to the Citadel. This is a "must see" when in Chachapoyas. 



Gocta Falls:

Known by the locals as "La Chorrera", Gocta Falls is located in Cocachimba, in the Department of Amazonas, in the North of Peru. In 2006 a group of explorers led by a German called Stefan Ziemendorff, found 22 falls in the area and realized that the Gocta Falls could be one of the highest waterfalls in the world. He had a team of topographers measure its altitude and it has 771 mt, which places it as number five in the world. To visit this fall, you have to get to the Province of Chachapoyas and then you will have a trek of 2.5 hours (you can walk or horseback ride). There is a nice hotel there called Gocta Lodge, which offers the view of the falls from every room and terrace in the lodge. 


Sarcofagos de Karajía:

These are a group of Sarcófagos located in the Province of Luya, in Chachapoyas. An expedition led by the well-known Federico Kauffman in 1985, allowed the world to learn about the existence of this great place in Karajía where it was said that local people were also found in the area. Because of the difficult access to reach them, they have remained in good conditions and only one of them has fallen down and left a hole on the Sarcófago which it is how was discovered that inside them where "momias" (mummies) with some of their personal objects. These "Sarcófagos" measure 2.50 mts each and are located 200 mts from the base of the hill. A 30-minute walk from the town of Karajía will take you to the location where the Sarcófagos can be seen. 


Written by Yvonne de Martinez

LARM Peru Country Director

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